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This program has been brought to you compliments of Whiz Kid Technomagic in Rhinelander, WI, USA. Distribute freely.

With the exponential growth of the Internet, more and more businesses, both large and small are hoping to market their products on the web. Most of them fail, simply because they do not know the subtleties of web marketing.

Various courses have been written on the subject, most of them very costly. The high cost is not necessarily bad: If a course can teach you how to save yourself from mistakes that will cost you tens of thousands of dollars, its cost is well worth it.

The problem is how do you know which courses are good? The answer is, actually, quite simple: If the author of the course has done it, if he or she has made those costly mistakes and learned from them, if the author has then run a successful business using web marketing to sell something other than the course itself, chances are the course is good.

All other courses are a gamble. At best, they offer common sense, and tell you nothing you do not already know. At worst, they will mislead you and cause you to waste your money, even to fail your business.

So where does Web Marketing Resources fit into this? It is a simple Windows program that will get you to the web sites of what we of Whiz Kid Technomagic believe to be the four of the top web marketing courses.

We are not saying you should, or should not, buy these courses. Only you can make that decision. We are simply making it easy for you to take a look at these courses. We also believe, you will learn many useful web marketing tricks by simply visiting these web sites.

The software is very simple to use. You need Windows 95 or later, a web browser, and Internet connection. There is no need to run a setup program. Just copy the program wmr.exe anywhere in your system (we recommend the desktop), and double click on its icon.

Then pick a resource by either clicking on it or pressing the key with the character that is underlined in a resource name. Once you have made your choice, click OK, or just press the Enter key.

The software will then instruct Windows to load your default browser and to log you on to the web site of the resource you have chosen.

When you are finished with the resource, repeat the process with the next resource. Or click Cancel (or press the Esc key) to quit.

The software does not write to Windows registry, nor does it modify your system in any way. If you decide you no longer find it useful, there is no need for any special uninstall process, simply delete it.

This software is Copyright 1999 Whiz Kid Technomagic. Please respect our copyright and do not modify the software in any way. However, feel free to give a copy of the software, along with this redme.txt file, to anyone you want.

And visit our web site at http://www.whizkidtech.net/ to see if we have a newer version of the software available.

Download the file wmr.zip, version 1.0.

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