It is my sad experience that Commonwealth of Dominica has been the haven for international criminals scamming innocent Americans off millions of dollars. They operate under the guise of Internet casinos emulating the stock market.

The most notorious of these was StockGeneration, which was the largest Ponzi-type scam of the Twentieth Century.

A similar operation called Magic Money Game uses a different web design but the exact same principles as StockGeneration.

If you participate in any of these, sooner or later you will be forced to make many phone calls to a number in Dominica. These calls will last about 30 minutes each.

I suspect the Government of Dominica is in on this scam: The phone rates to Dominica are quite high. Long-lasting calls to Dominica are a boost to their economy.

Just so you are ready, here is the list of current long distance rates to Dominica as offered by various US carriers: