I smoked my last cigarette on March 6, 2001, at 2:30 am CST. Here is what that means in terms of numbers (courtesy of quitmeter.com):

If you would like to quit smoking but feel you need help, here are several resources you should take a look at:

60 Minutes to a Smoke Free Life video tape

60 Minutes to a Smoke Free Life video tape

Jonathan Robinson, renowned psychotherapist and certified hypnotist shares with you powerful, proven, quit-smoking methods in his video tape 60 Minutes to a Smoke-Free Life. He has helped thousands of people in their quest to quit smoking. Now he outlines for you how you can become smoke free in 7 days!

You’ll learn how to set a Quit date and prepare for that date effortlessly. You’ll learn ways to avoid the weight gain many quitters experience. Learn how to create a Pleasure/Pain list. You’ll learn the all important “Smoker’s Question” that will instantly extinguish your desire for another cigarette.

You’ll also learn seven healthy habits that will quickly replace your unhealthy smoking addiction.

You’ll learn simple, effective techniques to reduce withdrawal symptoms. Learn about a specific nutritional supplement you can take to counteract those symptoms.

The video reveals techniques for staying smoke-free after you quit. You’ll learn about the powerful method Jonathan Robinson calls the Smoke Free Bank and you’ll learn the “Magic Fingers” trigger than can instantly remove your desire to smoke.

Think how much your life will change when you are free from the shackles of cigarettes. You’ll save money, live longer and feel better, get better seats at restaurants, regain friends and rekindle the love of family members.



A Great Idea...That Works

We all know quitting cold turkey is tough. But now there’s a method to reduce the intake of harmful nicotine and tars. And it’s easy!

Nicolite is an inventive, patented device that pokes tiny holes in the filter of your cigarette to decrease the amount of nasty stuff you’re inhaling... but without taking away the taste and satisfaction you get from your favorite smoke.

Just insert your cigarette’s filter into the Nicolite and click the button once. Your cigarette is precisely perforated. Click it more than once to make your current cigarette as “lite” as you like.

Nicolite is conveniently designed to fit over your standard Bic lighter, so it’s always ready to “Click”. It’s ruggedly constructed for repeated use.

Get a Nicolite for your home, office and car so you’re always prepared to “liten” your cigarettes.

One Step at a Time cigarette filters

One Step at a Time cigarette filters

Gums and patches don’t reduce your dependency on nicotine. They just allow your body to get it from another source. One Step at a Time cigarette filters lower your nicotine dependency in gradual increments, using four individual filters. It offers a proven way to conquer your addiction. Without patches. Without gums. Without doctors. Without costly reconditioning programs.


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