My Bookstore

Free Windows software from Whiz Kid Technomagic

This software brings your own bookstore on your Windows desktop. Browse through myriads of titles, not just books, but music, software, videos, toys and games, even electronics.

When you run this program, you can enter the bookstore directly, or form a query and find an answer.

You can choose from several search criteria:

The last four search criteria do not accept a query. Instead, they will bring you to the appropriate web page. The rest of the criteria can be used with or without a query.

Please note that the software allows you to enter up to 100 characters of query. But due to the limitations of the http protocol used on the Internet, sometimes your browser may cut off a part of your query. This is not a limitation imposed by this program, but by Internet technology.

Searching hints

System requirements

This program requires Windows 95 or later. As it is written in 100% assembly language, it has no special requirements on the amount of memory.

You also need a web browser and a connection to the Internet. You do not have to be connected to the Internet when you start running the program, but you need an Internet account: The program will instruct Windows to launch your default web browser whenever you click FIND or press Enter.

Of course, if you already are connected, the program will still work the same way. It will just be faster since your browser will not need to establish an Internet connection first.

Installation and deinstallation

This software does not write to (or read from) the Windows registry. Therefore, no special installation is required. Just copy it anywhere on your system and use it.


If you right-click on the software icon and drag it to the Desktop, you can create a shortcut, and have the program always available. It is a good idea to name your shortcut My Bookstore and keep the icon right next to the My Computer icon. You can rename the icon by right clicking on it and choosing Rename. Then just type My Bookstore.

Should you ever decide you no longer want this program, no special deinstallation is necessary - simply delete it.


This program can be quite addictive. :-)


This software is Copyright © 1999 Whiz Kid Technomagic, all rights reserved. Please respect our copyright and do not modify the software in any way.

Feel free to give a copy of the software, along with this readme.txt file, to your friends, co-workers, clients, customers, or anyone you want.


Give a copy of the software to your librarian.


Download My Bookstore, v1.0.