Whiz Kid Technomagic Guide to Internet Freebies

The Internet is the place to find a myriad of free things. This page contains links to many of them (including links to other pages with links to Internet freebies).

Warning: You may spend hours here! For full enjoyment, you should bookmark this page. That will allow you to come back for more freebies.

Free Report: Earn Money At Home - Free publication shows you how to make money with a steady stream of high quality motivated distributors.

Four Free Issues of US News - The newsmagazine that goes way beyond the news to help you lead an exciting and productive life. The Best Colleges, Best Graduate Schools, Best Mutual Funds, Best Jobs For The Future and more!

An unsecured credit card for people with no credit history or with past bad credit. Considering how hard it is to establish or re-establish credit, this one is a real treasure.

Be More Creative, Productive and Profitable - Free issue of Fast Company magazine delivers productivity tools for work that you can use to manage people, projects, processes and ideas.

Free PersonalsMeet your Match! CLICK HERE to go to place a FREE PERSONALS AD
A Proud Member of the One & Only Network

This service lets you place free personal ads with complete guarantee of your privacy. Optionally, you may add a free voice message using an 800 number. If you wish to include your photo, you will even receive a free scanning service! You may use it to meet people in person, or to find a pen pal.

Weekly Puzzle Newsletter - Word puzzles, logic games, skill contests and trivia quizzes to exercise your brain on and win prizes!

Wired Worker - Personal Spider - Personal Spider is a free full-featured site search engine hosted at wired-worker

More to come soon

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