#include <utf-8.h>

     unsigned int
     fgetu8(FILE *input)

     fputu8(unsigned int c, FILE *output)

     unsigned int
     sgetu8(unsigned char *string, int *chars)

     char *
     sputu8(unsigned int c, char *buffer)


     The utf-8 library <libutf-8.so> contains functions for the conversion of
     Unicode files and strings.  These functions have been designed in the
     style of the fgetc() and fputc() standard C functions.

     The fgetu8() and fputu8() functions work with files. The sgetu8() and
     sputu8() functions convert text strings in the computer memory.

     The fgetu8() and sgetu8() functions convert UTF-8 formatted data into a
     32-bit Unicode-style integer (UCS-4); the fputu8() and sputu8() functions
     do the opposite conversion.


     fgetu8(3),  fputu8(3),  sgetu8(3),  sputu8(3)

     F. Yergeau, UTF-8, a transformation format of Unicode and ISO 10646,

     D. Goldsmith, M. Davis, Using Unicode with MIME, RFC1641.


     ISO 10646-1: 1993 (``Unicode''), RFC 2044: 1996 (``UTF-8''), ISO
     9899: 1990 (``ISO C'').


     This manual page was written by G. Adam Stanislav <adam@whizkidtech.net>.

BSD				 April 1, 1999				     1

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