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Count Gracula's Gallery

This page features counter art submitted by GCL users. It is available by ftp from ftp.whizkidtech.net/cgi/gcl/gallery/.

Some of the counters/timers presented here are actual running GCL scripts. Others are gif files, but even they were produced by gracula from the original GCL script.


by Dominique Voillemot


astre astre


Etc... with other colors


old paper


Unofficial GCL Counter

by Dominique Voillemot
Unofficial GCL Counter

Unofficial GCL Counter


This is a combination of the FBI badge (found at Police Graphics Library and black.gd from Poorcount above, changed with the colorize keyword.


by G. Adam Stanislav

I made this one, again, using graphics from Police Graphics Library. I even created a new frame type just to be able to do this right. You can find the source code at the ftp site. You need version 3.0 of gracula to take full advantage of this counter.

In case you are wondering, I was a volunteer deputy sheriff of Allegheny County, Pennsylvania, for many years while I lived in Pittsburgh.



by G. Adam Stanislav

Here I have posted some examples I created using my g.gcl sample counter. The source code is available for download from the ftp site as g-gcl-1.10.tar.gz. However, the point is to show you what is possible and to inspire you to create your own counters, not to simply use the same design on your site.

The message I am trying to get across is that a counter can and should be more than mere function. It should be a piece of art, an expression of who you are, and of what your web site is about. It does not have to be a tiny graphic stashed in the corner. Au contraire, it should be an essential part of the design of your web site and of each page on it!

I am also trying to show you how easy it is! I did not draw these images; I assembled them from clip art using CorelDRAW! All I added was a little imagination and composition.

But if you are not comfortable designing your own counters, you should read The Non-Designerís Design Book, by Robin Williams. Iím not kidding you: This book received 27 comments from readers on Amazon.com, and all gave it 5 stars!


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