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Downloading The Graphic Counter Language

Everything you need to start programming in GCL 3.0 is in the file gracula-3.0.tar.gz which contains the following files:


The gcl.c file contains the C source code for GCL. gcl.h is the include file.

The gcldefaults.c and gcldefaults.h files are default include files. As of version 2.10, you can instruct GCL to create different default files and recompile for a custom version.

sec2000.c is an extension program which allows you to display the number of seconds remaining till the Year 2000 in your counter (see an example on the top of my home page).

Makefile is, well, the makefile. Makefile.linux is an alternative makefile for Linux, submitted by Dominique Voillemot.

README and HISTORY should be self-explanatory. NNL contains the Whiz Kid Technomagic No-Nonsense License gracula is released under.

Copyright © 1999 G. Adam Stanislav
All rights reserved

The remaining files are from gd 1.3 by Thomas Boutell, et alii. The gd package contains GIF manipulation routines. GCL would not be possible without it. You can obtain the entire package from Boutell.Com, Inc.

Note: The gd.c file included with GCL contains two of my own patches due to a rather obscure bug in the original (I have informed the author about it, so no doubt the problem will be fixed in gd 1.4, but for now please make sure to use the patched version with GCL).

You can get gracula by ftp from

If you prefer getting it by http, click here with your right mouse button, and choose Save As.

However, check below first for instructions specific to certain operating systems.


As the author of Graphic Counter Language, I have to caution you that designing a nice counter may be a big disappointment.


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This resource is in a file named traffic.pdf written by, of all people, a Canadian physician. I would love to post it here for download, but I cannot, due to copyright restrictions.

Instead, I will do the second best: Tell you where to find it.

Just go to his web site and click on Free Download. Once you decompress the download, the traffic.pdf file will be on your system. All you need to read it is the Adobe PDF reader which you probably already have, or you can get it from a link on his site.

Thatís all.

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System-Specific Downloads

Dominique Voillemot prepared these RPM files for Redhat/Apache systems:

FreeBSD users can get gracula from the ports collection. Version 3.0 was added to it the same day it was released (1999-06-22). If your ports collection is not up to date, you need to update it first. Then just type:

cd /usr/ports/graphics/gracula
make install clean

Sample Scripts

Additionally, I recommend that you download g-gcl-1.10.tar.gz, a sample GCL script and graphics. Here is what it looks like:

Does not look too exciting, does it?

But, all you have to do is write some GCL code, and suddenly it trasforms into something like this:

Again, FreeBSD users can get these samples from the ports collection:

cd /usr/ports/www/g-gcl
make install clean

You do not need to install gracula first. FreeBSD will see that you do not have gracula, and will install it along with g-gcl automatically.


Special thanks to Joe Price of Nevaeh Technologies Inc. He tested GCL 2.10 under Linux to make sure it compiles and runs properly under that OS. He also sent me a precompiled Linux binary executable, which you can download as instructed above.

Thanks to Dominique Voillemot for preparing the Redhat RPM files.

If you wish, you can also download the development version of GCL 3.10 and test it. As far as I know, it is quite stable. But you may find bugs in it. That is actually the whole point. I am only one person, and may not find all problems. With your help, I can make GCL better.

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