Can you count them?

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Graphic Counter Language, Development Version

I have decided to slow down somewhat. When I have a version I believe ready for release, I turn it into a development version first (you can call it pre-release, or a beta). That way, if and when bugs and incompatibilities surface, I can fix them before the final release.

You will always find the development version on this page. You can distinguish it from final release by the letter D in the version number. This is followed by yet another number which is incremented every time I release a bug fix within that version.

Unlike the final release, a development version comes as source code only. That means no binaries. This is on purpose: If you cannot compile it, or get warnings or error messages, I want to hear from you!

Currently, you can download version 3.10.D.2 which contains the following files:


Simply run make to build it.

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