Can you count them?

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The Graphic Counter Language

Now in version 2.20, GCL is a new programming language. It allows you to create original web counters in as few as 15 - 20 lines of code. No programming experience is required.

All you need to do is supply several GIF files. They should contain your choice of digits 0 - 9. Optionally, you can add a comma, a background graphic, a head, and a tail.

For example, the counter to your left is assembled from a head, a comma, and the digits. GCL puts it all together.

It shows the number of visitors to my home page, not this page. Reloading this page will not change the count; going to my home page will. GCL gives you this kind of flexibility.

Because you supply your own GIF files, you can use digits from any font of any alphabet (or you may design your own). For example, the counter to your left is in Devanagari, the alphabet of Sanskrit (the ancestor of almost all Western languages, including English). This counter is always showing the count of 1234567890 on this page regardless of the true count which you can see on Page 1 of the introductory tutorial.

Copyright © 1999 G. Adam Stanislav
All rights reserved

The counter at the bottom of this page increases count every time you, or someone else, load and reload the page. Go ahead, try it.

The time display below it shows an example of what Dominique Voillemot achieved using GCL (it is avaliable from the download page).

A mailing list for the discussion of Graphic Counter Language exists, curtesy of

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