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Our Do-it-Yourself Immigration products will enable an individual to use the easy step-by-step guide and original forms to prepare and file their own immigration applications. Each package includes the required Immigration forms, instructions, eligibility requirements, procedures and guide, everything you need!. By obtaining a package you will have the necessary information required to prepare, complete and submit your applications to Immigration. Our satisfied customers include thousands of individuals, companies & Non-profit Organizations from all over the USA and abroad. Your options are clear, you can hire an Attorney, go stand in line for a day at the Immigration Office, call and wait up to 6 weeks before you get a form in the mail. Or order on-line and you can have your package as fast as you want. Immigration documents are similar to the IRS documents, although they are available that does not mean that everyone knows how to complete them. Our packages will provide you everything you need and can save you thousands of dollars. How much information will you get??? (Each package kit weighs between 2-5 pounds).

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Residence via Marriage Kit ($69) Fiance Visa Package (K-1) ($65)
Residence via Marriage to US Citizen or Permanent Resident Fiance(e) of US Citizen (K-1 Visa)
Labor Certification Package ($69) Extraordinary, Exceptional & NIW ($69)
Green Card via Employment sponsorship Priority Workers & Aliens of Special Abilities
Temporary Worker (H-1b) Visa Kit ($65)
H1-B Visa for Temporary Employment in the US
Citizenship Do-it-Yourself Package ($39) Citizenship Exam Software ($22)
Application, Instructions & Free Audio Tape Examination New version 2.0 Win95 & Win 3.1 compatible
Citizenship Exam Video & Manual ($25) Citizenship Interview & Exam 2x Videos ($36.99)
Preparation for the exam in English & Spanish. 2 Exam & Interview Preparation videos.
Video Teacher English Course ($199) Citizenship Multimedia Package ($79.99)
Course for Spanish speakers to learn English. Includes 2 Videos, Audio Tape Package and Software
F-1 Student Visa Package ($39) Obtain & Extend Tourist Visa ($69)
Original application and Step by Step Instructions How to Get and Extend a Tourist Visa

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